Dakota to DaKine

From the Introduction


The poems, stories and thoughts in this book are about the events, people and things that have impacted my life over the years. Be it a simple scene of a run-down old barn on the North Dakota prairie (Old Barn), horses running and jumping during a North Dakota winter blizzard (Horses in Snow), my daughter’s wedding (Father of the Bride), wife Linda’s terrifying bout with cancer (Fear) or the death of a friend (The Old Bulls Go Down); all are things that have impacted my life.


As you may guess, some of the events are funny, some are very sad and some describe scenes we have all witnessed. As you go over these few pages I hope the word pictures will be enjoyable to you. Many who have read these poems and stories have said they helped bring back memories of similar events and stories in the mind of the reader. I hope this book helps you rediscover events of your own life and you find this a fun book.

What People Are Saying about Chuck Tompkins.


          “This book was such fun to read. What a pleasure to discover a poet and storyteller I could understand and relate to. I wish I knew Chuck better so he could write a poem or story about me”

          Liz Heiman, Kona, Hawaii

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