The Insurance Wars II



We of the baby boomer generation were a group of children who came along after World War II. Our parents had been changed and tempered, both by this terrible conflict and by the Great Depression, years previous. They were constantly reminding us to not be wasteful, to work hard, and be grateful for what we had. Further, and maybe this was because of the experience so many of them had received in the war, to take orders and believe we could accomplish anything we set our minds to if we worked hard enough to achieve it. Therefore, many of us Baby Boomers, no matter if self employed or working for others, became successful in our chosen careers.


The problem that has inevitably happened is that we of the Baby Boomer generation are aging. Due to this, no matter if we are self employed or part of another business organization, a major change is happening in our lives. This book is primarily about that time between age 50 and 65 when we realize we are going to have to decide when, how, and where we are going to retire. This book is about how my wife Linda and I and many of our friends, made this transition.

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What People Are Saying about Chuck Tompkins.


             “I love Chuck’s writing style. It’s laid back and down-to-earth. When I read Chuck’s books, it feels like I’m listening to an old friend tell a great story. I can’t wait for his next book, whatever it might be.”

             Jes Wright, Kona, Hawaii

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